Bill Hurd’s Ultimate Street Car 1LE Camaro

Pennsylvania native Bill Hurd grew up in a small country town in the middle of nowhere. With very few friends as a child, Bill spent his free time chasing the neighbor's chickens too and from the local diner. After years of keeping them in line and out of traffic he developed amazing balance which led to what the locals called "mesmerizing trapeze skills". In his teens, Bill took these talents in front of hundreds while competing in the Pennsylvania State Fairs "We got Talent" contest. Being a local event they didn't have the funds for a high wire so a ratchet strap attached to 2 truck's hitches had to suffice. His Senior year at the age of 21 he made it all the way to the finals. He knew it was time to raise the stakes and so he attempted something new. Against his families advice, he tried it blindfolded and failed miserably. He fled the state to escape being ridiculed by his classmates.

The next few years are a blur as Bill spent them living in the wild and building primitive rental huts throughout the Appalachian mountains. It was during this missionary/mountain slum lord work that he met the woman of his dreams. After just thirty minutes he knew he had to marry "Tennesha". They eloped immediately and hitchhiked there way back towards Pennsylvania. After oversleeping in the bunk of an eastbound Peterbilt they realized they were now on the coast of Maine. Neither had ever seen the coast and after everything Bill had told Tennesha about the fairs Salt Water Taffy she wanted to taste the Salt Water. They stopped at the Kum&Go and picked up 2 32oz cups and a kite. Unbeknownst to Bill the doom that kite was going to cause. After rushing down the docks and scooping big cups of salt water they quickly realized salt water is nothing like taffy. They decided to try the kite. The coastal breeze was great for kiting and quickly the kit was violently flying at the end of its string. Tennesha was in awe as the kite darted left and right. As Bill handed her the string she lost her balance and fell from the dock into the water. The mighty wind blew with enough force that it quickly drug Tennesha 10.... 20.... 30... meters away from the dock. An outgoing lobster boat saw the event and quickly picked Tennesha up from the water. Bill was relieved. As Bill awaited her return to the dock he couldn't help but notice the boat was not turning around. Maybe they have to clear the channel then reenter he thought.... After 20 minutes of the boat being long gone Bill realized she was gone for good.

Bill had suffered two humiliating life events and decided it was time to return to Pennsylvania. He needed a pick me upper and as 30 years olds have realized since 1967 there is no better fix than a Chevy Camaro. It was May of 2014 and Bill spotted this Crest White 1LE and fell in love. The test drive was quick and manly. After just a few days Bill new his new beast needed more balls. The quote was made and BAM the car now had a little extra power with its new long tubes and cam. What do I do now asked Bill?

Bill heard about a track day coming up at Mid-Ohio Road Course and he was going to be there! He hit that track like he was a 6-year-old chasing hens. He had found his groove again! Some time went by and more upgrades were added. Bill quickly learned who he could and couldn't trust in the industry. A few events after a suspension upgrade Bill noticed something didn't look right with the front upper strut towers. Afte contacting the GM Pros at Raymonds and sending a few pictures the plan was set to replace the inferior parts with a full Detroit Speed Suspension System featuring JRI struts and Shocks and every DSE 5th Gen goody on Raymond's shelf. The appointment was made and Bill began making arrangements to deliver the car to Plainfield, Indiana.

Time quickly approached and Bill was ready to get the car all fixed up. It was just days before delivery and Bill thought 1 more spin around the town won't hurt anything......... Well, the timing chain tensioner that was installed with initial cam swap decided today it was taking a "BREAK". With the extent of damage unknown, Bill loaded it in the trailer. Disgusted by the day's events, another call was placed to Raymond's and part 2 of phase 1 was devised.

Fast forward to today 10/27/16
Bill's Camaro is somewhere between Indianapolis and LasVegas in the Raymond's Performance Hauler. The 1LE was repaired correctly and went on to place well in multiple USCA events and even WON a spot in the Optima Batteries Ultimate Street Car Invitational at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Current Specifications

ERL LS3 based 416 Stroker
Landspeed Development machined ls3 heads
Bullet racing cam
Upgraded Oil Cooling
A-pillar Oil Pressure and Temp Gauges
Centeforce DYAD Clutch
American Racing Long Tube Headers
STOPTECH Race Brakes with Custom Cooling Ducts
Sparco EVO2 Seats with 6pt Harnesses
Detroit Speed JRI Front CoilOver Struts
Detroit Speed JRI Rear CoilOver Set
Detroit Speed Front Sway Bar
Detroit Speed Rear Sway Bar
Detroit Speed Trailing Arms
Detroit Speed Toe Links
Detroit Speed Lower Control Arms
Detroit Speed Rear Revolver Cradle Bushings
GM Z28 Camaro Wheels 19x11 Front 19x11.5 Rear
Hankook RS3 305/30-19

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